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Empowering Your Daily Life

with Innovative Apps

We make complex tasks simple and mundane tasks enjoyable,
through our advanced mobile applications designed with your needs in mind.

Purposeful Apps

We solve real problems through our apps,
and make your life easier.

Finding Creative Ways

Finding creative ways to solve complex
real world problems is at our core.

Feedback Driven

We make sure that we do feedback
driven development for our consumers.

Live Transcribe +

Live Transcribe + is your own Personal Assistant for transcribing live speech and voice to text. Leveraging almost-instant Artificial Intelligence technologies, Live Transcribe + provides quality, instant speech to text and dictation, readable transcriptions with just a tap of a button.

Teleprompter App

Teleprompter app makes it easy to deliver your speeches and presentations with confidence and ease. You can customize the Prompter to display your Script prompter exactly as you need it, with adjustable scrolling speed, and other settings.

We are driven by values

To impact lives out there, To help you create a life less stressful, To go easy on everyday tasks, and To help you bring Dreams to life with our apps.

Making life easy, one App at a time.