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About Us

Mount Trishul

Why Zerovik?

We are a small tight-knit group of individuals running a technology company that makes innovative apps to make people’s lives easier. 

Based out of the interior of Uttarakhand, surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes, we are dedicated to transforming lives and bringing innovation through life-changing apps that are worth the time and worth the experience.

The goal is simple: to use technology in a way to ease lives and make people’s experiences better. To simplify the tasks they do from start to finish in the most hassle-free way possible.

Join us on this amazing voyage as we transform the way you engage with technology and enhance your quality of life. A better life, A simpler life, A life worth it.

We are driven by values

To impact lives out there, To help you create a life less stressful, To go easy on everyday tasks, and To help you bring Dreams to life with our apps.

~ Innovation, Creativity, Purpose