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Zerovik launches KeysAI: A powerful and best AI keyboard app for iPhone users to enhance productivity 

KeyAI for iPhone makes life easier than ever

KeysAI is a revolutionary AI-powered keyboard now available for iPhone users. Designed to enhance typing efficiency and accuracy, KeysAI offers intelligent text predictions, ask AI anything, personalized suggestions, and real-time language translation. With seamless integration into iOS, KeysAI enables users to compose messages, emails, paraphrase, check grammar, translate, ask AI, complete messages, AI reply, change text tone and  more with greater ease. The keyboard’s advanced AI powered by ChatGPT- 4o learns from your typing habits, making it smarter and more intuitive over time. Featuring robust privacy controls, KeysAI ensures your data is secure. Experience the future of typing with KeysAI, and transform your iPhone into a powerful communication tool.

KeysAI opens up endless possibilities for iPhone users to make their productivity & life easier. With the power of AI and numerous features supported in every app which uses a keyboard, KeyAI becomes a must have app for users for its infinite capabilities.

A Keyboard Built for Productivity with Easy-to-Use Tools to personalize your typing Experience

KeysAi is the ultimate AI-powered keyboard for iPhone, designed to revolutionize the way users type and communicate. With advanced artificial intelligence, KeysAi predicts and suggests words and phrases for faster and more efficient typing. It learns from your writing style, offering personalized predictions and corrections, ensuring your messages are always clear and concise. 

The keyboard continuously adapts to your unique way of writing, improving its suggestions over time. This personalized approach ensures that your typing experience is tailored specifically to you, reducing the time spent correcting errors and increasing overall efficiency and communication.

Seamless Integration

KeysAI integrates smoothly with other apps, enabling you to drag and drop text and links effortlessly. This seamless integration allows for a more productive and efficient user experience, whether you’re drafting emails, texting friends, or using KeysAI for social media.

Check Grammar

The advanced autocorrect and predictive text features of KeysAI helps with fixing grammar and significantly reduces typing errors. The AI-powered engine provides accurate corrections and suggestions, helping you maintain clarity and precision in your communication. 

Smart Emoji Suggestions (Emojify)

KeysAI adds a fun element to your conversations with smart emoji suggestions. As you type, the keyboard intelligently suggests relevant emojis, making your messages more expressive and engaging.

Ask AI

KeysAI helps the user to get answers to the questions and queries they find difficult with its easy user interface keyboard. It helps users to get their responses quickly without switching their tasks. Whether you are a student or a professional or someone who is seeking for answers this app is the all in one package for them.

Continuous Learning and Updates

With continuous learning and updates, KeysAI stays ahead of your needs. The AI engine constantly improves its performance, adapting to new words and phrases you use. Regular updates ensure that the keyboard remains cutting-edge, providing you with the latest features and enhancements.

Enhanced Productivity with Multiple Features

Whether you’re drafting emails, texting friends, or jotting down notes, KeysAI enhances your productivity. The combination of personalized predictions, seamless integration makes typing more efficient and enjoyable. KeysAI transforms your iPhone typing experience, offering an unmatched level of convenience and functionality.

With KeysAI, typing on your iPhone is faster, smarter, and more personalized than ever before.


Already live, KeysAI comes with a freemium on iPhone supporting iOS 16.0 and ahead.